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Guidance & Clarity

Cards bring messages of awareness that can open you up in ways that you never thought possible. Cards use images and words to initiate the reading, and allow Kristin to be guided using intuition. You come forward with a specific question in mind, you get your pick of deck and cards are drawn as to what you need brought to your awareness within the question. Card spreads vary as to the type of question and the amount of cards needed for guidance. 

What is it that you specifically need to know about is your life?

This reading are done via Email OR Zoom for you to reference back to in the future.

Investment of $30.00


Embrace Life’s Challenges

Comfort Coaching allows you to peel back layers and to really and truly embrace Who You ARE! This is looking into your life! And Where you want to GO!

Kristin is an Intuitive Coach, bringing a calm, and insightful, Coaching style. She likes to bring a balance of reflection and action, really focusing the session on what really matters to you.

Kristin helps bring enlightenment, awareness, and perhaps some fresh perspectives. She does this by listening to you, using her intuition, and ability to read energies, you gain so much within your session.

Where are you now, and where do you want to be? How do align yourself to get there? 

This session can last up to 1 hour, and are completed via ZOOM.

Investment of $120.00


Communication & Clarity From Beyond

Being a medium it allows Kristin to give a gift of conversation, messages from beyond this physical world. It allows you to gain insight, closure, and reassurance that the people you want to connect to are still around you.

Kristin uses her intuition and clairvoyance (I call this my movie theatre)  to receive messages, and reassurances from the people you care about beyond the physical world.

Session usually last around 45 minutes, and done via Zoom

Investment of $100.00