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Life is full of challenges and stressors. Constantly  living in a reactive state, we created a lot of very unhealthy coping mechanisms as a society. I grew up with a “suck it up buttercup” and “keep on keeping on” kinda mentality. As I have grown to listen to myself and the inner wisdom to be, I really learned that was not who I was as a person. I am reflective, I percolate on things, and that is who I am at my core. But I can confidently say I have made conscious decisions in my life that arein the best interest of myself… and I am not selfish to fill my cup first.

I had a coping mechanism of internalizing everything, I would take whatever it was and add it to my chest of shit I did not want to deal with, and I would bury that deep within myself in the hopes to never deal with it. Anytime I would hear that little voice try and help , I would plug my ears and bulldoze that thought of help. I would trust that everyone knew what was best for me in hopes that an external validation would make me happy. And by the end of my day I would be eating a bag of chips as I cried on the inside.

​When I decided that I needed a change, I began to explore myself, as a mother, as a wife, and as Kristin. Who is this incredible person that has been buried, bulldozed and noticed by her own physical being.  I found incredible coaches, mentors, and my journal that have really opened up a sacred, safe place to really explore who I am, and step into my phenomenal cosmic power, and my gifts.

With every journey and experience on the way I am learning to stop, breath and notice what is around me. I notice a trigger and I acknowledge it, I feel safe within myself, and a responsibility to honour my physical, mental and spiritual being. This is what allows me to be Kristin a phenomenal cosmic power, a spiritualist, psychic medium, and a coach.

 I am passionate about guiding women into a place where they can be themselves, trust themselves to know that they do know what is best for them. I help my clients gain  the confidence and the freedom to be fully themselves on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, as a coherence of the three allows for a transmutation into your phenomenal cosmic power.



Erickson Certified Professional Coach

Graduating September 2018 from Erickson International: The Art & Science of Coaching Modules I-V, as a Erickson Professional Coach. Then again in June 2019 with my Erickson Certified Professional Coach.



In the PodCast with the incredible Shannon Laackmann, who has been Kristin's mentor through this incredible experience and development through her spirituality. Kristin talks about how she gains information through energy, clairvoyance, and intuition from beyond just the physical world. Kristin also talks about how she came to a clearer understanding of she was put on this earth to help people find themselves in diverse ways.