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Kristin is an Intuitive Coach. Knowing that everyone has their own life journey, it's understandable that each person has their own set of challenges along the way. Kristin holds a space of openness, that allows her clients to get comfortable with their Life's Journey, and overcoming challenges with ease, and joy. She started this aspect of her life's journey with Erickson Coaching International in April 2018. With Erickson Kristin gained her  Erickson Professional Coach certificate in September 2018, and her Erickson Certified Professional Coach certification in June 2019. Also along this path Kristin stumbled upon a path of spiritual development, that has really brought her life into a whole other dynamic. Kristin trusts her intuition in helping others along side with coaching.

Through a sudden death in the family, Kristin also discovered she was sensitive to energies around her. Through guidance, and a lot of self awareness, she also has discovered her psychic abilities. She gains information through energy, clairvoyance, and intuition from beyond just the physical world. Kristin knows that she was put on this earth to help people find themselves in diverse ways.

Kristin is also a mom of 3 rambunctious kids, Carter, Cooper, and Hayden. She works from home, in Evansburg, Alberta Canada...as she stays home with her kids on a full time basis. Kristin shares her crazy life with her husband of 10 years Corey. Life is always an adventure, and she enjoys the company she keeps and the craziness it brings.


Erickson Certified Professional Coach

Graduating September 2018 from Erickson International: The Art & Science of Coaching Modules I-V, as a Erickson Professional Coach. Then again in June 2019 with my Erickson Certified Professional Coach.